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Announced at Times Higher Education (THE) Digital Health 2024 summit in Stanford, California, the University of Waterloo will take up the banner as host of next year’s Digital Health summit. The event, slated for April 10 to 11, 2025, will mark an important occasion in the University’s continued commitment to pushing the boundaries of health care delivery through technological innovation.

President and Vice-Chancellor Vivek Goel underscored Waterloo’s commitment to sustainable and responsible innovation in a video message.

“Our work goes well beyond ‘what’ we build. As a community of innovators, we continue to hold ourselves accountable to ‘how’ we build — always considering the social, economic and sustainability impacts of our work,” Goel said. “Digital health innovations often fail because they don’t meet the needs of patients and frontline health providers. At Waterloo, we are well-positioned to help shape technology to meet society’s needs.”

Waterloo has long been recognized as a powerhouse in technology and innovation since its inception in 1957. Our researchers and entrepreneurs are leading health innovation in Canada. From fighting cancer with code to transforming operating rooms with novel technologies, Waterloo is at the forefront of tackling global challenges with unconventional spirit and determination.

Nenone Donaldson, vice-president of Advancement, made the announcement in person at the close of this year’s summit.

“Here, in the Valley, many will be familiar with the University of Waterloo,” Donaldson remarked, emphasizing Waterloo’s deep connections with California through its expansive alumni network. “We have a large, vibrant and highly connected Waterloo alumni community in California — many of whom are leaders in technology, driving innovations across sectors and industries.”

As the host of the Digital Health 2025 summit, Waterloo will bring together diverse perspectives and interdisciplinary expertise to drive meaningful change in health tech.

“Technology continues to help optimize, improve and reinvent how health care is delivered,” Donaldson said, setting the stage for the Digital Health 2025 summit.

Digital Health aims to spark conversations, cultivate valuable connections and generate inventive ideas that will shape the future of health tech. The summit highlights case studies of successful collaboration between big tech, life science, non-governmental organizations and academia in the research and development of health tech solutions to improve global health outcomes.

Nenone Donaldson

Nenone Donaldson announces THE Digital Health 2025 

“The conversations, connections and ideas generated at this inaugural Digital Health summit serve as a positive reminder that we are a community of changemakers ready to come together to improve the lives of all,” Donaldson said.

Hosting the Digital Health 2025 summit is significant for Waterloo and the advancement in the fields of health and technology. It’s a step forward that promises to bring new ideas and interdisciplinary collaboration that could fundamentally change how digital health works in Canada and globally.

“On behalf of the University of Waterloo, I look forward to welcoming you all at the 2025 THE Digital Health summit. Let’s connect, inspire and innovate digital health together,” Goel concluded.


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