With Treatments Starting At $49,000, Clinic Les Alpes Is Redefining Recovery For Mental Health And Wellness


On top of a mountain surrounded by magnificent views of the Swiss Alps and Lake Geneva sits a 48,000 square-foot oasis, centered on 30 acres of national forests and meadows. It’s not a five-star ski resort, but a medical clinic fully licensed by the Swiss Department of Health offering custom treatments for mental and emotional wellbeing.

Clinic les Alpes treats individuals for substance abuse but also highly specializes in other behavioral addictions. “While drug addiction is the main culprit when people hear addiction, the clinic caters to other behaviors such as gambling, sex, pornography, shopping, technology,” says Patrick Wilson, founder and owner of Clinic les Alpes.

And, of course, burnout from work.

Wilson says these treatments involve a deep understanding of the complexities behind these behaviors. With 28-day treatments starting at 45,000 Swiss Francs, Clinic les Alpes caters to high-net-worth individuals who may be suffering from burnout, work addiction, and other stress-related pressures. It offers comprehensive services for burnout treatment due to work addiction, as its symptoms usually include mental and physical exhaustion, as well as disconnection.

As Mental Health Awareness Month draws to a close, it’s important to highlight one of the awareness campaign’s main objectives since its inception in 1949: to eradicate the stigma associated with mental health conditions, which affect millions of Americans. While luxury rehabilitation clinics have certainly rebranded the healing process, identifying its methodologies can inspire other approaches to healing and wellness.

For Clinic Les Alpes, founder Patrick Wilson says its holistic and personalized, evidence-based treatments ensure its patients’ treatments encompass mental clarity, physical vitality, and spiritual health. It all happens to be facilitated in a serene and luxurious environment that supports this integrative healing process.

According to Dr. Paul Hokemeyer, a Ph.D. in psychology and expert on the unique clinical needs of people of wealth in the realm of addiction treatment and mental health, “my research shows that people of wealth manifest distinct cultural markers that present challenges to traditional settings.” These consist of isolation, suspicion of outsiders and hyperagency which is the ability to avoid negative consequences of their addictions. Dr. Hokemeyer suggests elite treatment centers such as Clinic Les Alpes “seek to address these cultural markers in what is known as an ego syntonic way.” In other words, the clientele who live in elevated and isolated environments such as luxury clinics tend to identify with their surroundings and clinical team rather than fight against them.

But while important, the clinical environment, amenities and setting is only one part of the value proposition. “The true value comes in the clinical team’s ability to provide psychotherapeutic care that enables people of wealth to come forward with their vulnerabilities while simultaneously challenging the host of psychological defenses such as denial and rationalization that are inherent in addictive and many mental health disorders,” continues Hokemeyer. “This second bit is an art that is rare in the hyper competitive and overly saturated luxury treatment industry space.”

Here, Wilson gives us a tour of Clinic les Alpes amenities and processes, and how its luxury settings are just one part of its approach to elevating mental health and wellness treatments.

How does Clinic Les Alpes cater to specific behavioral addictions such as gaming, shopping, technology etc? What do these recovery programs look like?

At Clinic Les Alpes, our approach to treating behavioral addictions such as gaming, shopping, and technology involves a deep understanding of the complexities behind these behaviors. Each treatment journey begins with comprehensive medical, psychiatric, and psychological assessments to identify the root causes and triggers of the addictive behavior. This thorough evaluation informs the customization of our treatment plans, ensuring they address the unique needs of each individual.

Our therapeutic strategy involves a combination of psychological therapies that are supported by clinical evidence alongside innovative, experiential activities that engage both the mind and body. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is employed to help patients recognize and alter detrimental thought patterns and behaviors, while Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is used to teach skills for managing stress, regulating emotions, and improving relationships, which are crucial for patients who experience intense emotions that lead to impulsive behaviors.

Additionally, Motivational Interviewing is utilized to enhance motivation towards change by helping individuals resolve ambivalence towards their addictive behaviors. These are just a sample of the many therapeutic approaches we utilize within our treatment programs.

Moreover, we incorporate mindfulness and meditation practices into our programs, assisting patients in developing greater self-awareness and mindfulness skills. Through this holistic and integrated framework, Clinic Les Alpes facilitates a path towards lasting recovery and well-being.

What kind of amenities, features and treatments make Clinic Les Alpes a luxury recovery destination?

Clinic Les Alpes offers a range of luxury amenities designed to provide comfort and nurture healing in a spectacularly beautiful, discrete, serene and peaceful setting. These include private suites with stunning views of the Alps and Lake Geneva, gourmet dining prepared by top chefs, personalized medical and spa treatments, with a very high ratio of staff to patients, and a range of recreational facilities. This includes a full medical spa along with a swimming pool which can be fully privatized when requested, men’s and women’s separate sauna, hammam, and relaxation spaces, and a fitness center, all designed to promote relaxation and wellness. We also provide full service of care to our patients, with our medical staff being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We pride ourselves on our clinical and hospitality staff providing an exceptionally high level of service night and day.

Who was the architect? What was the inspiration for the design?

For a project of this magnitude, I decided to work with a renowned architectural office: RDR Architectes in Lausanne. The vision was to develop an internationally acclaimed center of excellence for the treatment of addiction and mental health, as well as the nurturing of recovery for individuals and their families. It took ten years of passionate, yet painstaking endeavor and extraordinary investment to reach the point where Clinic Les Alpes was ready to welcome its first patients and family members.

What was the biggest challenge in creating a unique wellness program like Clinic Les Alpes?

The biggest challenge was designing a program that not only meets the medical and psychological needs of our clients but also lives up to the promise of holistic wellness. We needed to ensure that every element of the program, from the clinical approaches to the physical environment, worked harmoniously to support the profound, transformative experiences we aim to provide.

We also wanted to provide patients with a treatment experience that married luxury and exclusivity with clinical excellence. Our clientele are used to the very high standards, and when they are going through a transformative period in their lives, we want to ensure that they feel as comfortable and safe as possible.

What is the state of mental health in the world now and how does the clinic address these contemporary issues?

The state of mental health globally faces unprecedented challenges, marked by an escalating prevalence of anxiety, depression, and addiction, intensified by the pressures of a highly competitive and interconnected world. In today’s digital age, individuals are not only competing locally but globally, as job markets expand and the Internet erases geographical barriers. This boundless competition, alongside the constant exposure to curated portrayals of success on social media, contributes significantly to mental strain. Women and men alike are pushed to excel in every facet of life—professionally and personally—often at the cost of their mental well-being. For many, addiction becomes a maladaptive coping mechanism to manage these overwhelming demands and perceived failures.

Clinic Les Alpes addresses these modern challenges by offering a highly personalized and discreet healing environment, where each treatment plan is tailored to the individual’s unique experiences and needs. Unlike the traditional one-size-fits-all approach, our clinic understands the nuanced nature of mental and emotional health and addiction, crafting bespoke therapies that resonate deeply with personal circumstances and challenges.

How does Clinic Les Alpes ensure success after the program?

Success post-recovery is ensured through our comprehensive aftercare support, which includes follow-up sessions via telehealth and access to a global network of therapists and support groups. We also provide our clients with lifestyle coaching and tools to integrate healthy practices into their daily lives. Before leaving the Clinic, at the end of treatment, a detailed aftercare program will have been put in place for every patient.


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